Maintenance of plants

Our maintenance service can flexibly be part of the operating organization of any industrial reality, working together with the customer team or in complete autonomy according to the specific requirements. The ability of our staff allows to organize maintenance planning according to the technical equipment documentation, process conditions and arranging interventions according to the production needs of the plant. The creation of machine-specific workplans enables the computerization and the classification of mechanical parts needed, their lifetime and the maintenance timing history required by defining the procedure and the sequence of operations to be performed. This organized model, based on the historicization of activities, is aimed to support the production department and, in parallel, to periodically check the utility functioning as a guarantor of the efficiency of service facilities. Furthermore, this structure constitutes an important source of information for managing costs as well as planning the investment programs.

The advantages


  • 24-hour assistance and availability in support service to follow production needs;
  • Wide network of suppliers to cover different requirements;
  • Urgent delivery thanks to a continuously available service;
  • Large and varied team of skilled technicians to cover assistance on multiple shifts;
  • Optimization of human resources and full flexibility of the working team, with possible extension or reduction of our personnel located at customer site according to daily needs;
  • Reduced frequency of failures;
  • Reduced recovery time after production stops;
  • Increased machineries lifetime;
  • Approved consultancy for optimizing energy expenditure and plant efficiency.
  • Technical consultancy to investigate causes of repeated failures potentially related to the conditions under with machineries work;
  • Absolute transparency and clarity of maintenance costs;