Realization and revamping of plants

The well-established maintenance experience has created the prospects for maturing in the recent know-how, aimed, at the end, at the satisfaction of our customers’ technological innovation demands. The modernization of the plants is summarized by choosing the best components, the most suitable material, the most convenient and effective technical solution. The synthesis of our knowledge is expressed through the apparent simplicity of construction, the attention on manufacture details and the deep focusing on each of the technical choices our plant is built on.

Here the range of services offered in detail:


  • Revamping and expansion of industrial plants;
  • “Ex novo” implementation of facilities from the design to the production of the technical and certification documentation;
  • Displacement, removal and transfer of machineries, plants or entire production units;
  • Construction of prebuilt and modular systems (skids);
  • Installation of piping and ancillary components;
  • Supply and installation of special junctions in stainless steel (A304, A316, A316 L), plastic materials (PE, PP, PVC, PTFE, PVDF) and Hastelloy (C-276, C-22);
  • Dimensioning and installation of engines, pumps, heat exchangers, filters, tanks, etc.
  • Realization of carpentry work and metal structures.