Our staff, made up of 25 people, flexibly supports the various customer needs offering:


Prolonged business trips

Assistance under availability programs

Day and night shifts in three rounds guaranteeing a continuous production cycle

Unexpected or planned Increased workload in accordance with annual maintenance programs.

In order to realize this felxible management we worked for a standardization of the individual operational resources, making them legally interchangeable- in accordance with the rules proper of the workplace. We realized them in relation to the hypotetical needs: on the one hand we discarded a priori the solution of the formation based on the representative needs of the specific operating scene; on the other hand, we choose a formation based on the resource’s belonging category: therefore we divided the operational figures in Technical Managers, Managers an Operators.

For these reasons, Imbecal has decided to:


  • directly employ its employees by limiting the use of outsourced labor, reducing as much as possible the bureaucracy and documentation issues related to the promiscuous, both direct and subcontracting, supply of labor;

  • unify the technical and security courses for the whole workforce;
  • supply PPE – Personal Protective Equipment – , boxes and carts to workers in all the sites they work;
  • standardize the reporting and accounting tools in order to make management efficient and easily understandable. Each commission will be characterized by an identification number, previously provided by the accounting manager. This figure will receive weekly the entire report and he will proceed to the final balancing in the defined terms and agreements.


The successful perspectives of our reality are based on shared and unanimous adherence to the ethical code of the company, already an expression of transparency, credibility and loyalty representing its historical legacy. The principles inspiring the direction of our twenty-year path are the strict observance of laws, the respect for competition, the protection of the legitimate interests of our customers, suppliers, employees, institutions and the entire community as well as the community of which we are territorially part of.


Representing a solid reference point for customers’ demands, taking care of maintenance needs, and offering ourselves as suppliers of technical solutions and improvement of industrial plants.


“In the past, man came first, and in the future the system will come first” Frederick Winslow Taylor
(engineer and US entrepreneur).

Create a working system in which the centrality of man is preserved and also an added value.